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Our Donuts can easily be described as a technical masterpiece. These woven works of art use different colours on the inside and outside. Our experienced wicker workers have the technical craftsmanship to work with two colours and weave them in and out throughout the design. These beautiful, round, wickerwork shapes contain a top-quality filling of Quick Dry Foam: a sturdy cushion filling that is 100% weather-resistant and dries very quickly. Water simply runs through the material. The Donut can be used as an extra seat, as a handy side table and, of course, as an eye-catcher in your lounge set. Choose from various sizes and colour combinations.


??The Donut is woven from the highest-quality wicker, on which we provide a full 10-year guarantee. You can leave it outside all year round without maintenance. But do keep your Donut(s) clean, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.?

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Water runs straight through the special foam, while another material, Dacron, ensures that the cushions retain their original shape.

10 year guarantee on Hularo

Hularo is synonymous with the absolute top in synthetic wicker. It’s easy to clean, durable and resistant to UV rays, salt water, lotions, chlorine and alcohol.

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