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Tavira is the ultimate example of bringing the inside outdoors. The innovative modular lounge set is crafted entirely from charming Sunbrella fabric. Stains were never so easy to remove! The Tavira series is modular and the loose modules can be combined in many different ways. Tavira is a real eye-catcher and can compete with any indoor lounge sofa. Ultimate seating comfort, made to relax and lounge to your heart’s delight!


The innovative Tavira set is completely upholstered in beautiful and durable Sunbrella fabric. Maintenance of Sunbrella fabric is easy. Stains can be removed with water and if necessary some mild soap. This stylish series is a wonderful addition to every garden!

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Design & quality

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5 year guarantee

Together with our specialists and designers we’ve been developing extraordinarily, innovative and solid models for nearly 20 years. We use only the finest materials. That’s why we offer 5 year warranty on our garden furniture. Contact your dealer for more information.

Sunbrella fabric

Sunbrella fabrics are extremely durable and have the strength to withstand the outdoor elements and common dirt and stains. It’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

All weather cushions

Water runs straight through the special foam, while another material, Dacron, ensures that the cushions retain their original shape.

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