Stainless steel garden furniture

4 Seasons Outdoor’s stainless steel garden furniture is popular with our customers. And no wonder when you consider:

  • their exceptional durability
  • their low maintenance requirements
  • the 5 year guarantee on our garden furniture

The durability of stainless steel garden furniture

Stainless steel is exceptionally durable when manufactured correctly . Although stainless steel garden furniture can be produced in any colour, many people just love the look of the material itself – as long as it is manufactured correctly, which you would naturally expect from 4 Seasons Outdoor. Stainless steel is already totally protected against rust by its own impenetrable oxide layer.

5 year guarantee

4 Seasons Outdoor provides a 5 year guarantee on all its stainless steel furniture. If you are interested in our range of stainless steel garden furniture, ask for our free magazine or locate a retail outlet near you.