posted on 18 May 2021

4 Seasons Outdoor RopeHandmade with passion, crafted by professionals

What is 'Rope'?

The Rope from 4 Seasons Outdoor is special in many ways. It may look fragile, yet it is incredibly strong and durable. That's because of the way our Rope is made. Every variant in our range has a polyester core. Usually this is a bundle of thin plastic threads inside the rope, sometimes these threads are woven through the rope. This base ensures that the Rope is strong and can hardly stretch. Just look at how tightly the material is knotted in our garden furniture!

The soft appearance makes our Rope attractive. It feels very comfortable. Thanks to the Olefin casing (which also makes our weather-resistant cushions), this material retains its beautiful color and you can enjoy our Rope garden furniture for many years to come.

How do we make garden furniture from Rope?

The 4 Seasons Outdoor team consists of professionals. We have been known for decades for our handicrafts, the art of braiding. In the beginning Rattan was woven, later this became synthetic wickerwork. Nowadays we mainly make garden furniture with Rope. The experience that is present in our team makes the difference. We are able to weave the most complex patterns and knots, every garden furniture is made by hand. For example, did you know that it takes 2 days for a garden chair to be woven with Rope? No machine is involved. For example, every garden furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor is unique.

We always braid this Rope in a frame. We wrap the rope around it, put in the knots and carefully weave the pattern. Our frames are always made of aluminum or stainless steel. These pipes are bent, cut and welded by machines or robots. The frame then makes a journey through the powder coating street: for 1.5 km we provide it with a layer that protects against the weather influences.

What are the benefits of Rope?

We think our Rope garden furniture is beautiful. The appearance of the material is minimalistic yet warm. Due to the different shapes (round / flat / thick / thin) and various colors, there are all kinds of designs to choose from. So there is always a garden set or lounge set that suits your garden.

Garden furniture from Rope is weatherproof, so you don't have to store it somewhere in the winter. We give no less than 5 years warranty on production errors and defects caused by the weather. Just like with our garden cushions, we advise you to be careful with sharp objects! In the unlikely event that a wire is cut, in many cases the Rope can be repaired by us (for example for a fee). To be able to enjoy your 4SO garden furniture even longer, it is of course wise to provide your Rope garden furniture with a protective cover. This way you can quickly use your garden furniture again after a heavy rain shower, there is less chance of stains from (rotten) leaves and your garden furniture can still look beautiful even after 10 years.

After a whole winter you can quickly enjoy your Rope garden furniture again. Cleaning is very simple and done very quickly. The weather-resistant properties of 4SO Rope make it difficult for moisture and stains to penetrate the material. So there is hardly any green attack. If necessary, use the '4SO Multi surface cleaner' to remove stains and rinse your garden furniture with lukewarm water or the garden hose.

Enjoy our Rope garden furniture

We hope you are as excited about our handmade outdoor furniture as we are! Browse through our wide collection and find your favorite dining chair, ideal lounge set or garden set with 4 Seasons Outdoor Rope.