You will often come across garden furniture with a frame made of aluminium in the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection. We often use aluminium on our garden tables, parasols and garden chairs because the material is weather resistant and lightweight.

With most of our garden furniture we use aluminium as a base. If we need more stiffness, steel and stainless steel are a good replacement.

All aluminium garden furniture and frames are powder coated. This coating is often anthracite or white in colour, is very scratch resistant and makes our garden furniture even more resistant to the weather.

It's not just our frames that are often made of aluminium. For example, this material can also be seen in a number of side tables and accessories.


A big advantage of this material is that it is very light in weight. As a result, our garden tables are easy to move and our garden chairs are easier to slide or stack at the table.

Thanks to advanced machines and robots, we can perfectly process this material into tight profiles or subtly curved tubes. Many designs in our range are only possible by using lasers that can cut unique shapes and we deploy welding robots that ensure a perfect finish.


4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture is of the highest quality, we give no less than 5 year’s warranty on construction and manufacturing defects. This of course, also applies to our aluminium elements.