A number of popular tables at the moment are equipped with a ceramic tabletop. At first ceramics were more often thought of as (floor) tiles, kitchen tops and even pots or vases, but in furniture, ceramic tabletops are making quite an advance. It is an ideal material for outdoor furniture because of its properties and with the wide choice of colour gradations and structures the possibilities are endless.

Ceramics is a mixture of natural materials that you can compare with a type of clay. Under very high temperatures this is baked, creating a light but very strong material that is extremely scratch resistant and can also withstand extreme temperatures. Putting a hot pan on a ceramic tabletop is no problem at all!


As mentioned, ceramics have a number of unique features that are particularly beneficial for the outdoors.

  • Ceramics are extremely hard, it is resistant to shocks, blows and scratches. A falling knife, or a heavy pan being put down; no problem with ceramics
  • Heat and cold are both no problem for ceramics. Coasters are superfluous and a table with ceramic tabletop standing right in the hot summer sun or in a winter freeze, is not affected by these temperatures.

  • Ceramics is colourfast. Despite the UV radiation, this table can remain outside for years without any colour change.

  • Ceramics are very hygienic due to its high density. Stains made by food, e.g. jam, wine and grease stains are easy to clean with warm soapy water. Household cleaning products also leave no traces.

  • Ceramics are odourless and tasteless, which means that fragrances do not draw into the table top. In addition, it is impervious to mould, so a humid environment is not a problem.


Ceramics are easy to maintain and clean. Soapy water is enough to clean the tabletop. In general, a ceramic tabletop is put on top of an aluminium frame, making the table, as a whole, very easy to maintain. Since aluminium is also easy to clean and can stand outside all year without problem it’s a perfect combination.

We offer our standard 5-year warranty on our ceramic tabletops. Tables with a ceramic tabletop can be seen at our sales locations, ask for this when visiting.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Ceramics garden furniture.

Multi surface cleaner

Multi surface cleaner

Cleans several types of surfaces, such as rope, cushion fabric and parasol cloth