Our stylish and high-quality parasols deserve just as good a parasol base. We don’t just recommend a granite parasol base just for its looks, but also for use with a parasol with a large cloth surface which needs a heavy base to stand solid. It is a beautiful natural stone and heavy in terms of specific weight.

Most of our granite parasol bases can be supplemented with wheels. This makes it easier to move the base and parasol. This works best on tiles, can be quite difficult to move on grass or stone. Almost all granite bases are provided with a stainless steel or galvanized metal tube, so this base can remain outside all year long without any problems.


Granite is an igneous rock and is formed by the underground solidifying of magma. Because granite is solidified at depth, the minerals containing granite during slow cooling have had time to form crystals. That gives granite its beautiful look. There are many different types, colours and finishes for granite and there are a number of important advantages making it extremely suitable for a parasol base:

  • Granite has a high density; with relatively little granite you can still make a heavy parasol base.

  • Granite is resistant to frost (unlike marble, which can freeze in winter).

  • Granite is an extremely durable material. It may become slightly lighter in colour over the years, but the quality remains the same.


A frequently asked question is, which base should I combine with which parasol? The answer to that is quite simple, the heavier the better. A gust of wind at a folded-out parasol generates a lot of power, and the more weight there is at the bottom of your parasol, the more stable it will be in slightly windy moments. Our parasols have been tested to wind force of 4 to 5, at higher speeds we advise you to fold your parasol.

If you would like exact advice, your location, parasol and pitch will count towards which parasol base is best suited. An advisor in one of our points of sale can assist you with the correct choice. Ask for this when buying a parasol and/or parasol base, because a solid base is very important.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Granite garden furniture.

Stone & polywood protector

Stone & polywood protector

Makes granite, marble, bluestone and polywood repellent to dirt, water and moisture.

Stone & polywood cleaner

Stone & polywood cleaner

Entfernt Schmutz und Feuchtigkeit und stellt den neuen Look wieder her.