4 Seasons Outdoor garden tables are available in all sizes and materials and our HPL tabletops are extremely popular. HPL stands for 'High Pressure Laminate'. This material has many unique properties and is extremely weather resistant. A perfect material to use as a garden tabletop.

A well-known supplier of HPL plates is the brand: Trespa. These plates have been used for years as high-quality cladding of buildings. HPL plates are made in a special way. HPL is now increasingly finding its way into other applications, such as in our garden furniture.


By stacking a lot of thin layers of synthetic material and compressing them under extremely high pressure (and at high temperature), the many thin layers are formed into a super-strong mass. The slab it creates is incredibly hard and solid.

For finishing, a layer is applied that determines the appearance of your 4 Seasons Outdoor garden table top, such as a concrete look. By grinding the edges’ tabletops facet, we are achieving a minimalistic appearance. This makes your tabletop look a few millimeters thick, with each tabletop 8 millimeters thick.

The result of this process is an unprecedented hard tabletop that can withstand the weather perfectly. Our HPL garden tables are extremely scratch resistant, colour-resistant and very low maintenance.


Clean the tabletop with a cloth and lukewarm water, and once a year we recommend applying our HPL protector to protect it from UV radiation.

We offer a 5-year warranty on construction & manufacturing defects on our garden furniture, and this of course, also applies to our HPL tabletops. Although HPL is extremely hard and scratches are difficult to make, traces of use are not covered by the warranty scheme.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining HPL garden furniture.

HPL protector

HPL protector

Macht HPL wasser- und feuchtigkeitsabweisend. Verhindert Flecken durch Speisen und Getränke.