Parasol cloth


There are many differences in parasol cloth and to a large extent the quality of the parasol depends on it. We use 2 types of parasol cloth: a 220 gr. Polyester cloth and a 195 gr. Solefin cloth.

The polyester cloth is generally used for the more favourably priced models, using the more qualitative Solefin cloth for our top models.

Important differences between these materials are the UPF value, the colour resistance and the weather resistance. In general, you can say that parasols with a Solefin cloth have a higher UPF value, virtually do not discolour and are more resistant to weather influences.


UPF stands for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor of fabrics. This is the counterpart of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which is used, for example, in sunscreen. The ultraviolet protection factor indicates the extent to which a fabric blocks UV radiation. This is used for clothing for example, but in this case parasol cloths. The highest factor is UPF50+.

The UPF ratings used are:

UPF 40 to 50+
Excellent protection (99+% to 97.5% UV-resistant)

UPF 25 to 35
Good protection (97.5% to 95.9% UV-resistant)

UPF 15 to 20
Reasonable protection (94% to 93.75% UV-resistant):

Our polyester parasol cloths have a UPF of 30+, while our Solefin parasol cloths have the highest possible value of 50+.


With parasol cloth, it is important that it is protected when the parasol is not in use. By flapping in the wind, dirt and stains of bird droppings and the weather influences, the quality of the parasol cloth can be affected. That is why we recommend that a parasol with a good quality protective cover is protected when the parasol is not in use.

Parasol cloth can be cleaned with our maintenance products and protect against dirt and stains with our parasol cloth protector. If the parasol and parasol cloth is treated the right way, a parasol can be enjoyed for a long time.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Parasol cloth garden furniture.

Fabric stain remover

Fabric stain remover

Removes teak oil bleeding stains from fabrics.