Polypropylene comes in different forms, the polypropylene we use is a thin synthetic fiber that is woven into strands so beautiful structures can be made. The composition of polypropylene makes it a very sturdy material, which is also dimensionally stable and colourfast. It is resistant to weather conditions due to its water-permeable properties and therefore dries quickly.

Polypropylene is already colored in the fiber. So different colors and color combinations can be made, this makes it look very natural. Our rugs that are suitable for outdoor use are therefore made of this material.


Polypropylene requires little maintenance. It is easy to clean because it is a synthetic material. It is therefore also very suitable for use on your terrace. With our cushion & parasol protector you give it a dirt-repellent coating so that stains do not penetrate the material.

A nice feature is that polypropylene is antibacterial. When cleaning our outdoor rugs, it is important not to be heavy-handed. The extremely thin synthetic fibers that together form a mat can break if hard brushes are used. We therefore recommend using a softer broom or a high-pressure cleaner. This gives the fiber the chance to move and will therefore not break quickly.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Polypropylene garden furniture.

Fabric stain remover

Fabric stain remover

Removes teak oil bleeding stains from fabrics.