Stainless steel


Due to the amazing properties of stainless steel we make great use of this material in the garden furniture collection of 4 Seasons Outdoor. Many garden chairs are equipped with a stainless steel base and garden tables are available with a stainless steel frame. Stainless steel is processed in different ways, so you can see different appearances of the same material.

We speak of stainless steel, but the material is not free of rust. Due to all kinds of external influences, it may occur where rust deposits on the steel. Stainless steel is made in all kinds of forms and dependent on the proportions of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon. Other elements such as titanium, nitrogen and manganese are also often added.


We only use 304 stainless steel, where the oxide skin of the material closes the underlying materials at 4 Seasons Outdoors. In many garden furniture models we coat the stainless steel in a matte anthracite colour for a neutral appearance and better weather resistance so that hardly any maintenance is required.

In white stainless steel garden furniture, the material is brushed and the frame looks glossy. Over time, flash rust can be caused by chlorides and acids from rain or a (nearby) swimming pool. This is easy to brush away if this is done in a timely manner. We advise to keep the stainless steel clean or apply a protector with some regularity depending on your situation. 4SO stainless steel protector ensures that the process of rusting is postponed but it is not definitively prevented.


We offer a 5-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects on all stainless steel garden furniture. A condition to claim this warranty is to perform periodic maintenance using 4SO maintenance products or cleaning regularly with warm soapy water.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Stainless steel garden furniture.

Stainless steel rust preventer

Stainless steel rust preventer

Helps to keep stainless steel free from rust. Includes corrosion-inhibitors which form an invisible shield to prevent corrosion.

Stainless steel rust remover

Stainless steel rust remover

Cleans and restores stainless steel to its original look.