The material of our preference for a great deal of our garden furniture is aluminum. In some cases, we need more stiffness which can handle a heavier load. In that case, we'll use steel. We also powder coat steel, just like aluminium and stainless steel. Often it is hard to see from the outside what metal has been used.

Good examples of steel used in our garden furniture are the back elements that are made of sheet metal. Because of the firmness that the sheet of steel gives, we guarantee that the backrests can take the load of someone leaning against it perfectly. This way we can be sure that you can enjoy sitting in your lounge set for a long time.


Steel has the property that it is heavy and sturdy, but a small disadvantage it that it can rust if it comes into contact with the outside air unprotected. Oxidation takes place and with that you see rust formation appear eventually.

To counter this, all elements of steel in our garden furniture are powder coated. This gives the protective layer needed to prevent rusting. We therefore advise you to check regularly for scratches. If a scratch does get into the powder coating from use, please contact your point of sale. In most cases, a scratch can be repaired.


We offer a 5-year warranty for construction and manufacturing defects on our garden furniture. Similarly for our elements made of steel. A condition to claim this warranty is to perform periodic maintenance using 4SO maintenance equipment.


These maintenance products are suitable for maintaining Steel garden furniture.

Multi surface cleaner

Multi surface cleaner

Cleans several types of surfaces, such as rope, cushion fabric and parasol cloth