Handy storage

In every house there are one or more cabinets, since there are always things that need to be stored or that can be showcased. We bring out the cabinet with our beautifully designed cabinets with teak layers. We call them garden racks. A stylish but very functional accessory for the terrace.

What you put in your garden racks is entirely up to you. Fill your rack with a few beautiful green plants, put beautiful decoration in it or use it as a storage for your magazines, the candles for the table or possibly even your herb plants such as basil and parsley.

Stylish teak

Our garden racks are designed with a sleek and modern frame of powder-coated anthracite aluminum. As a result, our garden racks have a solid base. We’ve put beautiful natural teak slats in the frame. This teak is of course weather resistant and of high quality, so you can leave it outdoors all year round.

Teak is a natural product and does age over the years. It remains beautiful if you maintain it regularly with one of our maintenance products. Use teak shield to protect it from dirt and stains that can pull into the wood.