Take care of your garden furniture with good maintenance

Good maintenance is the key to lasting enjoyment of your garden furniture and this is very important at 4 Seasons Outdoor. That's why we've developed all kinds of maintenance products to take care of this. Cleansers, protective agents, products to protect and pick up colour etc.


Each material has its own unique properties and must therefore be maintained differently. To clean garden furniture you can opt for water and maybe a little cleaning agent, but if you want to work thoroughly and safely then we’d advise you to use one of our maintenance products. These products are precisely developed for our materials and we can guarantee that the right effect is achieved.

Cleaning and protecting

Keeping your garden furniture well means not only cleaning them, but also protecting them. Dirt and moisture can affect garden furniture over time, and UV light can also have effects on, for example, the colour of some materials. Think of the ageing of teak or, for example, slight deterioration of stainless steel. Some parasol cloths can become lighter in the long run due to the influence of sunlight. Maintenance is a bit of work, but you'll benefit from it for years.

Teak and colour

Natural products such as teak wood have the property to weather by weather influences. As a result, the colour of the wood is slowly ageing. If you want to keep the natural beautiful colour for as long as possible, we advise you to use a teak protector, which ensures that the colour is preserved up to 4x longer. Conversely, you can also like the greyish look, with Instant Grey you can retain or give this characteristic driftwood-grey colour. Old teak wood can be maintained in terms of colour by using Vintage teak protector, this retrieves the warm brown colour of old teak wood.

Quality & Warranty

We choose to offer a high-quality range of maintenance products. With our large collection of 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture, we offer you our maintenance products for a reason. We guarantee excellent quality and a 5-year warranty on your garden furniture. Maintenance is of course a prerequisite for this, so in addition to keeping your outdoor furniture beautiful, proper maintenance is also essential for our warranty.