Every lounge set comes with a beautiful, matching or contrasting coffee table. Our collection of coffee tables is extremely versatile in colours, materials, shapes and styles. Whether you opt for a round, natural teak table or a sleek, rectangular table with minimalist anthracite aluminium frame and ceramic tabletop, the choice is grandiose.

With a modular lounge set, we have often designed a matching coffee table. A table that exactly matches the style and materials of the lounge set. This can of course be replaced with a table of your choice. Place a drink, flowers or other accessories on one of our coffee tables and enjoy many hours in the summer sun.


Our collection consists of coffee tables made of all kinds of materials. Each material has its own look and properties. For example, we have beautiful wicker tables with a glass plate as a tabletop, full teak tables or modern coffee tables with minimalistic aluminium frames and for example an HPL or ceramic tabletop. Look especially at what you like, but also be sure to look at features such as comfort (how high or low is the table), maintenance and weather resistance.

Does a small table, light weight, best suit your garden situation so you can move it easily? Or would you like a robust teak model that is stable and sturdy on your terrace? There are also models where you can transform your coffee table with a pillow into an extra seat. Plenty to choose from!