Dining tables in all shapes and sizes

Sitting outside at the table on a summer evening, that's what everybody wants, right? Whether you have a small balcony or the space for several garden sets: with a nice garden dining table you like to slide your chair over for a nice dinner. Opt for a beautiful garden dining table from 4 Seasons Outdoor that suits your patio with ideal dimensions. Because of our wide range, there is always a perfect garden dining table that meets all your needs.

We have garden dining tables in all kinds of designs. For example, you can compose your own garden dining table with a tabletop and base, or opt for an extendable table. We have smaller tables to make a cosy corner with 2 chairs but also large garden dining tables where you can sit up to 10 people. Because of the wide choice of materials and colours, you can create your own ideal garden set. A tabletop of teak wood has a natural, warm look but requires a little more maintenance than, for example, a modern ceramic tabletop. Compare designs with colours and enjoy your 4SO garden dining table on your terrace for years.

When making our garden dining tables, we think of these 4 important aspects:

  1. We prefer to only make beautiful garden dining tables. Designs, materials and colours are perfectly matched. You can also create a 4 Seasons Outdoor table yourself. Choose from a variety of tabletops and bases to compose your ideal garden dining table yourself. For example, a beautiful teak tabletop with a stainless steel base or a retro aluminium base with an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) tabletop. Go for your own unique garden dining table, the most beautiful garden dining tables are at your fingertips.

  2. Our garden dining tables are not only a feast for the eyes. Because your garden dining table is outdoors all year round, we use weather resistant materials for our garden furniture. Like a stainless steel or aluminium chassis with a coating. We only use top quality teak wood for our wooden tabletops, a hardwood type with high weather resistance. But as it is a natural material it requires some maintenance. Materials such as ceramics, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and tempered glass are low maintenance and extremely weather resistant. Enjoy your 4 Seasons Outdoor garden dining table for years thanks to its maximum weather resistant properties and minimal maintenance.

  3. All our garden dining tables are convenient to use. Most tables are lightweight and therefore easy to move. Our extendable garden dining tables are quick and easy to adjust, without complicated constructions. In addition, it is very easy to combine your garden chairs and garden dining table, due to universal use of colour a lot of garden furniture fits perfectly together in the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection. The maintenance of our garden dining tables is simple and effective, we have an easy maintenance product for every material to clean and/or protect your garden dining table.

  4. Sustainability is very important to us, so we use responsible materials that are not only weather resistant but also come from certified sources and suppliers. For example, the HPL from our tables is made in Germany and our teak tables are made from a certified teak plantation. Because of these durable materials, a 4 Seasons Outdoor table lasts much longer, and we give at least 5 years of warranty on construction and manufacturing defects. Due to timeless design and functional design, our garden dining tables remain a feast for the eyes.