Compose yourself

Many lounge sets are available that we call ‘modular’ in the 4 Seasons Outdoor collection. We have designed these pieces of garden furniture to allow you to create your own lounge set, so that it fits perfectly in your garden. With a modular garden set you have the choice of various elements. For instance, a 2-seater sofa with arm, a corner element or a center element to extend your lounge set.

Make your 4 Seasons Outdoor lounge set fit your garden, patio or terrace. By making a corner sofa with these modular elements, compose a spacious 4-seat lounge sofa or for example a very large U-set-up. Once your choice has been made, you can link these elements together. This way, your lounge set will stay firmly on your terrace. Do you want to make another setup? Then you can easily disconnect them and add or replace elements to configure a different setup.

How do you easily determine which modules you need?

The dimensions of each modular lounge set are different. These sizes are in our brochure, on the website and in our app. Our 4SO Mediacentre is very useful. You can use a handy touchscreen device at selected 4SO dealers. On it are all our modular lounge sets, and you can make all the setups you can think of in 3D. Completely tailor-made and will perfectly fit on your patio or terrace!