One of the most important things about a parasol, whether it is a light stick parasol or a heavy cantilever parasol, is that it is stable. The base is therefore very important and we like to keep that in our own hands, not depending on other manufacturers.

In our collection we offer different types of parasol base. For each type of parasol there is a matching parasol base. For stick parasols, you can logically take a lighter parasol base of granite or concrete. For a cantilever parasol we recommend to take a base of 90kg at least, or scale up to 125kg or even in some cases to 185kg.

Personal taste

A parasol base is not only functional, but can of course also look beautiful. For example, our granite parasol base looks beautifully on a modern and classic terrace. The grey anthracite fits well with a lot of our garden furniture.

In addition to our concrete and granite parasol base, you can also opt for an inground base. You can dig this one into a place where you would like to place your cantilever parasol. Pour in concrete to anchor the base in the ground and your parasol is as stable as a house. The advantage is that you do not have a visible base on your terrace or in your garden, the disadvantage is that you cannot move it.

We choose to offer a number of quality parasol bases that match the parasols in our collection. Our bases are all of high quality and made of very high quality and weather resistant materials. We guarantee a life of at least 5 years on our parasol base.