Weather-resistant garden furniture

Wicker-type furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor

Our name – 4 Seasons Outdoor – says it all! A question we often get asked is: what should I do with garden furniture during the winter? A good question considering the size of these chairs and tables. Our answer: simply leave them outside all year round. This is what our garden furniture is made – and obviously tested – for. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be giving you a 5 year guarantee. Your garden and patio also look nicer when your garden furniture is left outside – much better than looking at an empty patio during the winter.
The heavy duty aluminium frames have a rugged powder coating, and the high quality of the all-plastic wicker-like strands ensures that climate will have absolutely no effect on their durability. So when you decide to buy a set of 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture, you will enjoy it for years and years to come!

Stainless steel from 4 Seasons Outdoor

Because of its oxide film, stainless steel does not rust. And this oxide film is one of the reasons why 4 Seasons Outdoor’s range of stainless steel furniture is just perfect for our often inclement weather. Although heavy industry, chlorine-laden air (near swimming pools) or salty sea air (near the coast) can give these pieces of garden furniture a slightly smoky look, it is easy to return them to their original state using special stainless steel cleaning and polishing agents in our own line of maintenance products.

4 Seasons cushions

Rain won’t hurt our weather-resistant cushions. Water runs straight through the special Quick Dry Foam, while the Dacron material helps the cushion hold its shape. The high grade Acrylic fibres used in the water-repellent covers make them very soft. Incredibly comfortable! So nice in fact, that you’d almost rather sit outside …

If you are interested in our complete range of weather-resistant garden furniture, ask for our free magazine or locate a retail outlet near you.