Weather resistant garden furniture



A frequently asked question: where do I leave the garden furniture during the winter season? A logical question considering the size of the chairs and tables. Our answer: leave the furniture outside 12 months a year with peace of mind and store away your cushions in the winter period if you can. Our garden furniture is made for this and of course is also extensively tested for this. Hence why we offer a 5-year warranty. Your garden, patio or terrace will always look much better if your garden furniture remains outside, rather than an empty during the winter period.

For loose cushions we recommend to store them indoors when not in use for long periods. Why? Because this way stains can be prevented by, for example, rotting leaves, bird droppings or splashing mud. The cushions can withstand frost, so you can also store your cushions in an outdoor storage box. We do not recommend protecting garden furniture with a protective cover, but if you are using a protective cover, always make sure that you use a quality and breathable protective cover so that mold does not get a chance to take hold. If you keep your cushions outdoors, please put the seat cushions in an upright position with the zip at the bottom. Our cushions come with a 3-year warranty.


Our aluminium & stainless steel frames are coated with a strong powder coating which makes them weather resistant and dirt has no chance of affecting the material.

The synthetic wicker threads we use are of such high quality that the climate does not affect the life span. So when you decide to buy a garden set from 4 Seasons Outdoor, you make a choice that you absolutely enjoy for years to come!

The stainless steel rust resistance is created by the presence of an oxide film. Thanks to this oxide film, the stainless steel range of 4 Seasons Outdoor is excellent for our erratic climate.

Also, our rope, which is made from the same ingredients as our synthetic wicker threads, is water repellent and is even easier to clean and maintain than wicker. A new, but very weather resistant material that we like to use!


Rain doesn't stand a chance with our weather resistant cushions. Our quick dry foam cushion fillings ensure that mold doesn't stand a chance and dry incredibly quickly. The cover of water repellent and high-quality Olefin fabric will be fine during a shower and has a friendly and soft character.