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4 Seasons Outdoor has a very extensive collection of exclusive garden furniture. Exclusivity, which is expressed by a special application of materials, modern designs and a perfect finish. Browse our range of garden furniture online, request our magazine or visit one of our points of sale near you.

We are constantly looking for new techniques and materials, and then use them in innovative designs that contribute to the exclusivity of our garden furniture. Every year we come up with a variety of new models where we remain a trendsetter in the garden furniture industry.

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Cutting back on the quality of materials for our exclusive garden furniture is out of the question. We just want to deliver the best quality garden furniture to you. To emphasize this, we are happy to give you a 5-year warranty. Guaranteed luxury and comfort!

In addition to stainless steel and aluminium that we have been using for years as the basis for our models, our Hularo wicker is of such quality that we give a 10-year warranty on it. We have also been proficient in developing garden furniture with rope for a number of years. An incredibly versatile material that allows us to develop innovative patterns for our models.

Our teak wood remains top quality. Sustainable wood, only with an FSC label and has its origins from legal plantations is used in our garden furniture.


We can only speak of exclusive garden furniture if the finishing touch is also taken care of. To provide you with the highest quality garden furniture, we ensure a continuous check on the finishing of our products. The result? The most beautiful furniture with a chic look.

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