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We go way back. In 1967 Frits Wolf r. started a retail store in Nijmegen, Holland, where in 1970 they started selling garden furniture. In 1999 Frits Wolf jr. took over and started 4 Seasons Outdoor in 2003. High quality, great comfort, extraordinary design and high weather-resistant abilities were key. As they still are the foundation of our brand today.

Design & Quality

A new piece of furniture starts with an idea, sketching a new design. Our team shapes and creates with great eye for detail, comfort and durability. We combine our technical knowledge with style, using high quality materials and test these into perfection. That’s how we come up with an outstanding collection of outdoor furniture with a warranty of up to 10 years

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4SO Showrooms

Our exclusive garden furniture is available worldwide at more than 500 retailers. Our collections are suitable for any climate, thanks to very weather resistant abilities. We have 4SO partners in South-Africa, Thailand, Dubai and India as well as in Mexico, Canada and throughout Europe. Enjoy 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture all year round, no matter the weather.

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We are well represented all over the world with our extensive network of 4SO retailers. Are you a garden furniture professional and would you like to cooperate? Let’s get in touch, we would love to talk about possibilities.

  • Developing garden furniture in a sustainable way is in our DNA. To be able to manage a team of enthusiastic and passionate people who feel infected with the very infectious 4SO DNA feels like a privilege.

    Frits Wolf

    Founder & Director at 4 Seasons Outdoor Netherlands

    Frits Wolf over ons
  • As an account manager and product developer, I am close to the demands of retailers and innovations are developed with due consideration. As a result, our range perfectly matches the wishes of our customer and we determine the trends.

    Frederic van Hooreweghe

    Account Manager / Product Manager at 4 Seasons Outdoor Belgium

    Frederic van Hooreweghe 4 Seasons Outdoor
  • The 4SO team is very enthusiastic. We are happy to convey this enthusiasm to our network of retailers. Are you a garden furniture professional in Germany? Let’s meet!

    Beate Klein

    Account Manager at 4 Seasons Outdoor Germany

    Beate Klein
  • We offer an outstanding collection of outdoor furniture in the UK, exceeding expectations and requirements. Enjoy 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture to the fullest.

    Chris Newman

    Managing Director at 4 Seasons Outdoor United Kingdom

    Chris Newman 4 Seasons Outdoor UK
  • With a huge network of 4SO partners all over the world, it is important that we work together. This is how our garden furniture really comes into its own in every country.

    Jeroen Denecke

    Sales Manager / Developer at 4 Seasons Outdoor Export

    Jeroen Denecke over ons