4 Seasons Outdoor & Taste 4SO warranty conditions

'Through creativity, quality and craftsmanship we (continue to) surprise the world with exceptional, innovative, timeless & trendy garden furniture.' That is the mission of 4 Seasons Outdoor.

Quality and craftsmanship are important parts of this and that is why conscious choices are made in the selection of materials and the type of constructions that are used. The garden furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor is made to remain outside for 4 seasons and which you can easily use for years.

Because 4 Seasons Outdoor is convinced of this quality, a 5-year warranty is provided as standard on garden furniture. On the extremely strong Hularo wicker, this is even 10 years with regard to color fastness. The warranty on our weatherproof cushions is 3 years. A number of conditions are attached to this guarantee.

Handling service / warranty request

Even with the best quality furniture, it can occasionally occur that a defect or damage occurs due to a manufacturing defect or, for example, transport. The 4 Seasons Outdoor service & warranty system is structured as follows:

  1. The buyer reports the damage/defect in question to the 4 Seasons Outdoor point of sale where the product was purchased, including the original purchase receipt.
  2. The point of sale will inform you as best as possible about the service procedure. They are familiar with this procedure and will pass on the notification with date, description and, where possible, images to the service department of 4 Seasons Outdoor.
  3. The consumer is responsible for the transport of the furniture concerned to the 4 Seasons Outdoor point of sale (retailer).
  4. The report will be reviewed by 4 Seasons Outdoor and the damage/defect will be repaired or parts replaced at its sole discretion. Replacing the furniture for a new model is a last option if repair is not possible. If this is chosen, only the furniture with the damage/defect will be replaced, not an entire set. In the event that parts or a complete model is no longer available, 4 Seasons Outdoor reserves the right to replace it with a comparable product.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase, with the purchase receipt serving as proof. Repair or replacement does not affect the original warranty period.

Of course, the warranty applies to damage / defects that are already present when the garden furniture is delivered and that are caused by manufacturing errors or, for example, transport damage.


Garden furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor is of high quality and is made for private, domestic use. The materials used each have their own (natural) properties that must be taken into account when purchasing and that can be read back on the added hangtags. Therefore, there are a number of exclusions related to the 4 Seasons Outdoor warranty.

Damage caused by the following causes is excluded from the warranty

  • Incorrect assembly (there is an assembly manual with every piece of furniture)
  • Abnormal load on the furniture
  • Incorrect or incompetent use of the furniture
  • Incorrect maintenance and use of aggressive (cleaning) agents other than the recommended 4 Seasons Outdoor maintenance products
  • Repairs done by an amateur
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Large-scale use such as contract and/or project use

Damage / changes caused by normal properties of materials


  • (Teak) wood is a natural material that discolors and ages.
  • Hairline cracking is normal with (teak) wood.
  • When no regular maintenance has been carried out by means of use of the official maintenance products: 4SO Teak Cleaner, 4SO Teak Protector, 4SO Teak Shield, 4SO Instant Gray, 4SO Vintage teak protector.
  • Natural oils in (teak) wood can stain other materials, such as cushion fabrics.
  • Stains on (teak) wood due to food / liquids, sunlight through glass, hot materials
  • Scratches and signs of use due to normal household use
  • Mould formation / discoloration due to incorrect covering

Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Synthetic materials

  • Scratches and signs of use due to normal household use
  • Rusting of steel / stainless steel from the inside due to, among other things, condensation, accumulated (rain) water or abnormal environmental conditions

Outdoor textiles

  • Signs of use due to normal household use
  • Minimal shrinkage & discoloration
  • Decreased bearing capacity and thickness of cushion filling during normal use and possible wrinkling of cushion covers as a result
  • Wrong washing

Rope / Wicker / Cord

  • Signs of use due to normal household use

HPL / Ceramic

  • Stains from food / liquids, sunlight through glass, hot materials


4 Seasons Outdoor advises not to cover garden furniture or to only cover it with a high-quality cover that contains, among other things, breathing properties. Improper covering of garden furniture can lead to mould formation / discoloration of materials that are not covered by the warranty.