Aluminium garden furniture



4 Seasons Outdoor combines and uses different materials such as aluminium and stainless steel to develop the best and most practical furniture, which you’ll enjoy as much as possible and have just as little maintenance.

In addition to complete garden sets consisting of aluminium tables and chairs, aluminium is often used as a component. For example, we develop and supply textile lounge sets with sturdy and thick-walled aluminium frames.

But also, garden chairs with a subtle aluminium base combined with wicker seating. You can also think of aluminium table frames combined with teak, rope or wicker garden sets with an aluminium frame.

Aluminium has a stylish appearance, is light in weight and is easy to maintain. Not surprisingly, we use this material in different garden furniture.


Aluminium is very easy to maintain and lightweight, just like wicker is. This practical furniture is easy to clean.

  • Aluminium is weatherproof, resistant to UV radiation among other things
  • It is not subject to rust
  • Aluminium is timeless and stylish

The material is therefore an ideal combination. Think of an aluminum frame of a Wicker lounge set, making your large set easy to move.

Points of sale

We supply garden chairs, tables and complete lounge sets with aluminium. Browse this website at your leisure and look through our collection of garden furniture to find out more about our range. All our furniture is available in various shops and garden centers in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the rest of Europe. We also export to dealers outside of Europe, for example to Mexico, Thailand, South Africa etc. Curious where? Then find a point of sale near you.