Complete your lounge set

Relaxing in your lounge chair or lounge set, what more do you want? That question is easily answered: a footstool makes relaxing even more comfortable!

With many of our lounge chairs we have developed a matching footstool. Entirely in the same style, materials and weather resistant properties, a footstool is a perfect addition to your lounge chair. Not only to be able to lie down and lay your feet up, but also a footstool as a stand-alone object is very useful to create an extra seating space.

A footstool is compact in size and therefore easy to move. If you need a little more space on your terrace, you can easily put your footstool somewhere else.

Almost all of our footstools have a remarkably thick pillow. Comfort is paramount in footstools. We want you to sit comfortably especially if you use your footstool to sit on. Our cushion covers are made of weather resistant Olefin fabric, the same weather resistant fabric that the cushions of our other garden furniture are made of. Great resistance to a shower, so leave your footstool outdoors in the summer so you can use it immediately when it dries up.

When making our footstools, we think of these 4 important aspects:

  1. We prefer to design the most beautiful footstools. Striking designs, new materials and timeless colours are seamlessly matched. Did you know that we designed each footstools ourselves? This way you will always find surprising, innovative models in our range. We make footstools from wicker, rope, aluminium and many more unique materials. Often footstools are made using advanced machines but also many materials and techniques are manufactured by hand. Our garden furniture collection stands out on all fronts and our garden furniture increasingly resembles the furniture that is in the house.

  2. Our footstools are of course not only beautiful to look at. A 4 Seasons Outdoor footstool can be outdoors all year round so you can also enjoy your garden furniture even when not in use. Our footstools are made from weather resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, rope and the extremely weather resistant Hularo wicker. These materials are resistant to moisture, temperature differences and UV rays. Most footstools with cushion(s) are equipped with an Olefin cushion cover. This fabric feels comfortable and yet has all the weather resistant properties. By using the right 4SO maintenance products, you can enjoy your 4 Seasons Outdoor footstools for years to come.

  3. If you sit in a 4 Seasons Outdoor lounge chair with footstool, you'll be just fine. Even if you sit on the footstool itself we always ensure that the comfort is good. Many footstools are equipped with a thick cushion for optimal comfort. The height, curve or angle of the cushion can make a big difference to you. We advise you to test how the footstool is best for you.

  4. We place great value on sustainability in the design of 4 Seasons Outdoor footstools. We believe that it is better to enjoy your garden furniture for a long time and to be able to use them for at least 5 years. That's why we use materials that can withstand the weather and make footstools that are timeless in terms of colour and model. By ensuring the high quality, we can guarantee 5 years of manufacturing and construction defects on our entire collection. On all footstools with Hularo wicker we give no less than 10-year warranty. New footstools from 4 Seasons Outdoor are there to enjoy for a long time.