Choose the garden dining set that suits you

Your garden is often an extension of your home. Many people choose to eat on the terrace when the weather is nice. A fine garden dining table with matching garden dining chairs can be the perfect place in your garden. Thanks to the large collection of 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture, you will undoubtedly find the garden dining set that suits all your needs.

Garden dining sets from 4 Seasons Outdoor are available in all kinds of variants. You can always create your own dining set: Choose from the many garden dining chairs that best suits your needs. You can then also choose a garden dining table, such as a beautiful long table of teak wood or a smaller aluminium table for your garden or terrace. We also give you the opportunity to compose your own dining table. By choosing from various table bases and tabletops, you can create the combination that you like best.

When making our garden dining sets, we think of these 4 important features:

  1. We prefer to make only beautiful garden furniture. Colours, materials and shapes are precisely matched so that everyone can put together a beautiful garden dining set because design and taste is different for everyone. When your garden furniture is outside for 4 seasons, don't you always want to look at your perfect picture? That's why you put it all together yourself, with 4SO garden furniture.

  2. Our garden dining sets are not only beautiful to look at, but you can also enjoy them for hours thanks to the great seating comfort. There are many differences between our garden dining chairs. The seat height and seat depth are not the same with any garden dining chair. Sometimes a back cushion is included and sometimes not, comfortable sitting is different for everyone so try out the differences between our garden dining chairs yourself. There is always a lovely garden dining chair available that suits you best.

  3. Even if you are not in your garden yourself, your 4 Seasons Outdoor garden furniture will be sitting there. Fortunately, our garden dining sets are resistant to weather influences because we always opt for high quality materials. For example, we make our frames out of aluminium or stainless steel for extra sturdiness and we use the highest quality wicker and rope materials. All 4SO garden dining chairs come with Olefin cushion covers so that our garden cushions can also withstand the weather.

  4. You don't buy a new garden set for 1 or 2 years. A 4 Seasons Outdoor garden dining set is made to enjoy for at least 5 years. That's why we make timeless garden furniture that you won’t easily get bored with. A dining set of 4SO is stylish but not too exuberant in colour or design, that is what our accessories are meant for. We give at least 5 years warranty on our entire collection garden sets. And even up to 10 years warranty on our Hularo wicker.